We are Stronger Together

Hello! I’m looking for female entrepreneurs who are all about community over competition. It’s tough getting the word out there about our businesses isn’t it? So let’s give each other a helping hand!

Stronger Together

Since I’m an Instagram coach, Instagram is where I can give the most value. So who wants to swap shout outs on Instagram stories? It’s quick and easy to do and we get instant exposure to each other’s audiences.

If you’re interested then please DM me over on Instagram @creativepuddles Start your message with SWAP. We can decide when and what to share and take it from there. You must have a public account with over 500* followers to participate. And please bear in mind, my 6K+ audience is made up of predominantly female business owners so we need to be a good fit too.

How to share a post on Instagram stories:

Click on the paper aeroplane symbol below the post 

How to share a post on Instagram stories

Click 'Add Post to Your Story'

How to share a post on Instagram stories

Tag the person 

How to share a post on Instagram stories

Choose the @MENTION sticker and type in their @username *you must tag them otherwise they won't be notified that you've shared their post*

How to share a post on Instagram stories

Add some text (nothing too long)

How to share a post on Instagram stories

You can move the text and move the tag to any part of the screen. Just hold and drag with your finger.

This is a new idea of mine so depending on interest, I may set up a DM group chat so that as well as you and I swapping shout outs you can swap with others too. But I’ll see how much interest there is first!

Triinu x

*if you have under 500 followers then you should seriously consider taking my Instagram Growth and Engagement course which will help you hit this number easily! And here’s a cheeky 10% discount off: use discount code TOGETHER