Instagram Accelerator

Instagram Accelerator

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Let’s do this and do this NOW!

This training is for you if you are committed to making changes to the way you use Instagram for your business so that you can start attracting your ideal customers, hold their attention, get leads and make sales. The Instagram Accelerator is intense and you should first check your available dates with me. See below for the ideal schedule. Either DM me on Instagram @creativepuddles or email me: or message me to arrange a chat.

The Instagram Accelerator involves one hour training sessions; half hour accountability calls; and DM access. After each training session you will have changes to make and tasks to action.

Week 1: 

Monday Session 1 - How to make a great first impression on Instagram so that scrollers can’t resist clicking and becoming followers.

Tuesday Accountability call - Let’s check in with each other: we can discuss changes you’ve made & tasks you’ve completed since the training session; answer any questions that may have cropped up and discuss the training in action on your feed.

Wednesday Session 2 - How to create engaging posts so that people engage, join your community and become customers.

Thursday Accountability call (as above).

Week 2: 

Monday Session 3 - How to find your ideal customers and draw them back to your feed so that when you have something to promote you have followers who are interested in buying!

Tuesday Accountability call.

Wednesday Session 4 - The power of hashtags – both to draw attention to your content and to discover the content of your ideal customers allowing you to cement customer relations. 

Thursday Accountability call.

Week 3:

Mon - Thurs - DM access to me (a 2 hour slot will be allocated to you each day). This is useful for any extra questions that arise or to run anything by me (like content / captions / hashtags / engagement triggers / ideal customer lists etc). 

The training sessions and accountability calls will be held via Zoom and after each training session you’ll have follow up homework to do. 

Once you purchase 'Instagram Accelerator', I’ll get in touch with you within 48 hours (excluding evening/weekends) to book in the training sessions. (But remember to check my availability before booking!) I'll also ask you to fill in a short questionnaire so that I can get to know more about you and your business. 

If you are a beginner then to get the most out of these sessions you should have set up an Instagram account, written a bio, chosen a bio image and posted 3 posts on your grid (this will then give us a great starting point). 

    Please provide your Instagram @username at the time of purchasing. You can add this as a note to your booking form.

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      If you have any questions at all then please email me: or message me to arrange a chat.