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Instagram Review: First Impressions AND Get Social & Grow

Instagram Review: First Impressions AND Get Social & Grow

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Are you struggling to get your small business noticed on Instagram? Are you unsure how to present your business and how to write captions? Do you struggle to encourage engagement, consistent growth and clicks through to your website? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the advice out there? Let me review your Instagram, suggest changes, highlight any weaknesses, train you in how to encourage engagement and growth and how to attract your ideal customer or client to your feed.

This Instagram Review is specifically for you if you are:

  • a small business owner (product or service-based) 
  • with less than 500 followers 

First Impressions:

The purpose of the first part of this review is to help you create the best first impression of your business on Instagram. It will cover all your first impression points which have a huge influence on your Instagram growth. A potential new follower (and therefore potential customer) will simply glance at your account and will make a very quick decision as to whether to follow you or not. So let's give your Instagram a bit of a shake-up and get you on the right track! 

Get Social & Grow:

The purpose of the second part of this review is to help you turn your Instagram feed from a silent gallery to an engaged and growing community without it taking over your life! Your review will cover content categories specific to you and your business, caption writing, grid composition and relevant hashtags for your posts. It will take into account your ideal customer and will help you to understand how to encourage engagement and how to grow your audience. It will also offer advice on self-care and looking after your mental health on Instagram.

Only a small percentage of your followers will actually buy from you so your number of followers does need to be increased but there is no need for this to become an unhealthy obsession! So let's look at how you can encourage discussion and interaction on your Instagram and start growing your account in a stress-free way. 

Your review will be presented as a 2-part PDF document and will be written in an informal way, making it easy to follow and easy to action. You will receive feedback, hints, tips, advice and suggestions that you can put into action.  

Once you purchase your review you will receive a short questionnaire* to complete about your business, your products or services and you. Once I have received your completed questionnaire you will receive the first part of your review (First Impressions) within 15 working days and then the second part of your review (Get Social & Grow) another 15 days later - giving you time to digest, understand and start putting into action the points raised in the first part.

* your questionnaire will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchasing your review. Please also provide your instagram @username at the time of purchasing. You can add this as a note to your order or email this information separately:

If you have any questions at all about this review then please email me: