How to choose the perfect charms...

Choice can be a good thing but it can also sometimes be a little bit overwhelming, so how do you choose the perfect charms for your bracelet? 

The advice that I tend to give out - which is particularly helpful if you are choosing charms and a bracelet as a gift - is to choose one 'safe bet' charm in black/white; one quote (who can resist a motivational quote?); and then go for a pop of colour. You can of course pick out as many charms as you wish but 3 is a good starting point.

And judging by our most popular charms, you are doing just this! Let me reveal our most popular charms to date.... drum roll...

In 1st place are these stylish Monochrome charms


The Quote charms take 2nd place;

and our 3rd most popular charms are the Tartan charms.









Tell me which are your favourites and why?

And as for my favourite charms...? I keep changing my mind! Right now my absolute favourites are these Pebble charms but I may well have a new favourite tomorrow!