Instagram Reviews & Hashtag Folios are still available! Orders for jewellery are sadly not possible at this time due to coronavirus.


I love creating Hashtag Folios and Instagram Reviews for small business owners. It's fascinating for me to delve into such individual and talented businesses and pinpoint exactly how they can up their game on Instagram. And it's wonderful to see the amazing results...but don't just take my word for it! Read on to see what my clients think:

"The Hashtag Folio far exceeded my expectations.  Not only did Triinu clearly explain hashtags in a way that really gave me a deeper understanding, she also went into a lot of detail about my feed, including suggestions on content and structuring the posts for maximum impact.  It was an incredibly valuable piece of work that gave me some very interesting insights into growing my Instagram account." Catherine @futureretailuk

"Triinu’s Hashtag Folio went way and beyond my expectations and really is a fantastic hashtag guide specifically for your product/service. I’m referring back to my Folio regularly as it’s just so helpful, and full of easy to follow advice and tips. A really great learning tool, and highly recommended!" Judith @elbalondon

Instagram Review in person (1 to 1 coaching): "Being the most un-technical person on the planet I was delighted to meet Triinu. She had the unenviable task of training me on Instagram. What a marvellous job she did. Took me through the process in a very clear and informative way. To top it off she is such a lovely person so the whole experience was definitely less daunting than I expected. I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Triinu to anyone who needs some training on Instagram." Susan @the_douglas_method

"I loved my hashtag portfolio. The whole process from beginning to end has definitely helped me uplevel my business and my instagram account. Getting clarity around the objective of my business, who my clients are and how I want to communicate through social media is powerful. The folio is full of great information to understand HOW hashtags work. Triinu also provided me with lots of personalised information. I got feedback on my Instagram feed. I got advice on a specific post. I also got information about my competitors. What is great is that the information is practical, it explains how to put it into action so you can uplevel your Instagram account. I am going to put all this advice into practice and see what happens. I can't wait!" Nicky @nickyhammond_coaching

"As a small business I wanted to improve my Instagram content to help gain sales. I found it a minefield with so many other companies on there trying to sell the same product, how could my little company compete and be noticed? Working with Creative Puddles has helped me gain an understanding of how Instagram works and the best way to use it. I now feel much more confident in my use of Instagram and I can’t wait to see the impact my new knowledge has on my business!" Gina @ozandbelle