Kids bracelets and parties

If you can't decide which charm to match with which bracelet then I have some 'insider information' 🧐 for you! When little ones approach my stand at a craft fair or event there are certain charms that they make a complete beeline for...every single time. This is handy knowledge to have if you are buying for a little one and have no idea what they may like... the 4 most popular charms amongst this age group (age 6+) are owls 🦉 paw prints 🐾 hearts 💕 and butterflies 🦋

Kids charm bracelets

If you are organising a birthday party for a little one (age 6+) then take a look at our special birthday party bracelet offer. These bracelets make great party bag gifts!

Birthday party bracelet offer

These are the most popular charm choices for this age group but remember that ALL the charms in the online shop fit ALL the bracelets (kids, teens & adults) so if you are a kid at heart then go ahead and pair up one of these charms with an adult bracelet!

Kids paw print charm bracelet