A Recurring Affiliate Program is your Golden Ticket to Passive Income

The advantages of a recurring affiliate program over a one-off payment affiliate program

There exist one-off payment affiliate programs and recurring affiliate programs. Both can provide you with an exciting passive income but... the recurring affiliate programs really are the golden ticket that you should be looking for. But before I explain why, I would like to add a note of caution here… you should NOT have to pay a fee to join an affiliate program (or a recurring affiliate program). If you are required to part with any amount of money then I would be very very wary of this and alarm bells should be ringing. If you are asked to pay a fee then this may well be some kind of scam or illegal pyramid scheme. If you join the right affiliate program then this will be FREE to join as it's a win-win for both you and the business running it.

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs operate on a simple principle: you are allocated a unique link that you then use to promote their products or services. When someone clicks on your link and purchases, you receive a commission. Most programs use tracking cookies so that if the customer doesn’t buy straight away but they do in 3 or 6 months time – however long they’ve set the duration of the cookie – you will still receive a commission for that sale.

Make sure you only join affiliate programs for products or services that you believe in and feel happy recommending. Ask yourself ‘would I recommend this to a loved one’ ? If you would then go for it, but if you have any hesitation at all then I would advise against recommending things that you don’t truly believe in.

So now let’s talk about recurring affiliate programs. These are the most exciting affiliate programs to be a part of. Recurring affiliate programs apply to products or services that charge a recurring (usually monthly) fee. So these could be subscription boxes or memberships for example. As an affiliate, you receive a commission when a new customer signs up and commission every month for that customer for as long as they are a member. This is an incredible opportunity!

You put in the same amount of effort as you would a one-off payment affiliate program but the difference is you then guarantee yourself recurring monthly income on this one sale.

So same effort but the outcome could be 10 times better (or more) !!

This also means that even if it’s a low cost item, you can still make good money in the long term. Plus, low cost items tend to be easier to sell in the first place.

Make sure you check out my free recurring affiliate program for the All Things Insta Club. I offer a generous ongoing 50% commission for club members who sign up using your affiliate link. And seeing as the average length of time that club members stay in the All Things Insta Club is 14 months, this adds up to a very exciting pot of passive income (especially if you multiply this with numerous sign ups!)

So what are you waiting for? Easily increase your monthly passive income through recurring affiliate programs like the All Things Insta Club 🎫🎫🎫

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