Great packaging attracts sales

The importance of packaging

Great packaging attracts sales

Your customers will talk about your packaging too (not just your product and your customer service). The packaging is right up there and believe me, they will talk about your packaging as much as they talk about the product, so make sure you get your packaging right. I have had customers photograph my packaging on Instagram and even go on to use the tissue paper in their own crafting projects - which they also photographed and tagged me in. Their followers have then clicked through to my page simply because they love the packaging and are intrigued to find out more.

Creative Puddles gift packaging

Get your packaging right

So you've spent ages getting your product right but what about the packaging? This is just as important because it 'sets the scene' for your customer. If you have mailed out an item then the first thing that your customer will see is the packaging. You want your packaging to make your customer feel happy and excited. Remember when you were a child and how you felt on Christmas morning? Well that's what you are aiming for. You want your customer to be smiling before they even open the package. 

Creative Puddles gift packaging

Firstly, what are you going to mail your item in? I mail out all my packages in black metallic bubble bags rather than the usual plain jiffy bags. Even the lady in the post office who can only see the mailing bag has commented on how exciting my parcels look.

And so what about the main packaging? It needs to be gooooorgeous but within budget and make sure that it doesn't take up too much of your time to assemble. Think ahead to when you are at a craft fair and you are packaging up the item in front of your customer - you need to be fairly quick and efficient at this. 

Make sure that colours and prints are in keeping with you overall branding. Request sample packaging where possible. Put together 3 different ways of packaging your items and ask for feedback from friends/family/contacts. Either invite them round and ask their opinions or post online for feedback. For inspiration take a look at Pinterest for some truly lovely ideas.

Creative Puddles gift packaging

I use black flat packed gift boxes that already have a ribbon threaded through them so they are really easy and quick to assemble. I decorate with my logo sticker. The bracelets and charms go into delicate white organza bags and are wrapped in tissue paper. I have a clever way of folding the tissue paper so that I don't have to faff around with sticky tape. I also always have a stock of pre-cut tissue paper ready which is particularly essential when you are selling at events.

Getting it so right:

I was at an office event selling my jewellery. At the end of the day a lady came over to me and said she needed to know what was in these pretty black & pink gift boxes that people were walking past her desk with. She was excited about my products before she'd even seen what they were. And yes, she bought from me. 

Getting it so wrong:

I have seen disappointed customers at events literally being handed the item as it is by the stallholder.

I've heard people saying "lovely item, shame about the packaging". Word of mouth advertising, referrals and repeat customers are key to your small business and if you disappoint with the packaging then you are unlikely to benefit from this free marketing. Don't let this be you....get your packaging right!

And remember:

If your packaging is not good enough to display alongside your products, then it's not good enough.