How to Attract Your Ideal Customer on Instagram using this clever hashtag trick

The power of hashtags

Alright, brace yourselves, because you won’t be expecting me to say THIS.

You might think I'm going to hit you with the usual spiel. I can pretty much guarantee that you think I’m going to tell you to:

🩷revisit the list of hashtags that you are using in your posts

🩷analyse the hashtags that you used in your top-performing posts 

🩷take a look at the hashtags that your competitors are using

But guess what? I'm not going that route!"

I'm not saying that doing this ⬆️ isn't a good idea (it totally is) but it also means playing the waiting game for results. And I bet you’re reading this blog post because you want results NOW? Maybe there's a big holiday around the corner, and you know you should be making more sales? Or perhaps you're saving up for something special, and the extra cash would come in handy? Or maybe you've set some big goals for yourself, and you're determined to hit them?

So, what if I told you that you could take things into your own hands and make moves TODAY that'll put you right in front of your ideal customers? 

Can you tell that I’m passionate about this ‘hashtag trick’ - although it’s not really a 'trick', it’s more like a secret weapon that very very few people are putting into action and which I want to share with you…

In my Instagram Club, I've put together an in-depth training all about this. It’s called ‘Your Golden Hashtag’ because it truly is your golden ticket. Let me explain… You use hashtags in your posts that you know your ideal customers are searching. That way, when they type in those words or phrases, bam, there you are. But have you ever flipped the script and thought about the hashtags your ideal customers are using in their own posts? Have you ever stopped to consider that if you knew what those hashtags were, all you'd have to do is search them, and voila, there's a whole list of your dream clients, right at your fingertips? It’s truly incredible!

Your Golden Hashtag

Think about the hashtags that your ideal customers will be using (USING not searching!) So these are hashtags that describe them, their hobbies and personality. Then, all you have to do is look up those hashtags and start engaging with their content to draw attention back to you and your business. The exciting thing is that you’ll see results instantly. No more sitting around waiting for your ideal customers to magically find you! It's time to get up, get out there and actively go and find them!

For more details and step by step guidance on how to uncover your golden hashtags, plus a whole host of other Instagram training, join me and a wonderful community of women in business in the All Things Insta Club (it’s just £9.99 pm and you can stay for as long or as briefly as you like 😊) 

Golden Hashtag