How To Easily Start An Email List For Free

Do you have a mailing list? NO?

Has ‘set up a mailing list’ been on your TO DO list forever but you’ve put off doing it because of the tech?

Do you feel like it’s a mammoth technical task that’s completely overwhelming you?

Why do business tasks often seem so complex and costly? Take a closer look at any item on your to-do list, and I bet there's a simpler and more straightforward way to tackle it – trust me on this one!

Setting up a mailing list does not need to be complicated. But first... a mailing list is crucial for two primary reasons: visibility and security.


Imagine popping up in your audience's inboxes - that's like super-powering your visibility 💥 It means your content is not just on social media, but is also landing directly where it counts. Did they miss your recent post on social media? No problem, you've got all bases covered by reaching out in multiple ways.


What if one of your social media platforms was to get hacked or shut down? Remember, your social media followers aren't really 'yours', but your email list is. So not only should you be building an email list but you should also be feeding your social media audiences onto your mailing list.

So how do you start a mailing list NOW and for free? *Google forms* It’s honestly that easy. Create a Google form that people can quickly and easily fill in, collect email addresses and get those newsletters out to them. Make sure you Bcc everyone and provide an unsubscribe option, but that’s it! If you sit down right now and do it you’ll be up and running TODAY! No stress and no tech headaches. And even better, my Manual Mailing List training will take you step by step through how to create your form: what questions to ask, how to add your branding, how to collect the email addresses, how to shorten the form link, and the legalities of email marketing. This video training is just under 30 minutes so you can grab a cup of coffee and just DO IT! 🙌

Then when you are set up and running, when you’re enjoying emailing your list and seeing the benefits – then you can look into signing up to an automated mailing system like MailerLite. The difference will be that you’ll be a lot calmer in your approach because you already have an email list so the panic of hearing over and over again that the best time to start one was yesterday and the 2nd best time is today will not be an issue. You can take your time, learn the system and move your list. But for now, just get it started!

Manual Mailing List training