How to Share Blog Posts on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Simply copying and pasting blog posts over onto Instagram just won’t work! 

You've written an exceptional blog post and are thinking about copying and pasting it directly on to Instagram… STOP! DON’T! This is a huge mistake...

People fully expect to tuck into a lengthy blog post but Instagram captions should be short and captivating with the goal of encouraging engagement. So simply copying and pasting blog posts over to Instagram just won’t work. Let me explain how to do it the right way so that you can still make use of your blogging content on Instagram. Understanding each platform's unique style is key. Once mastered, repurposing your content becomes efficient, resonates with the appropriate audience, and saves valuable business time.

Instagram users typically won't engage with lengthy captions. They might start reading but will likely lose interest and keep scrolling. And if they do this, then they won’t engage, they won’t even hit ‘like’ ❤️ and so this will indicate to the Instagram’s algorithm a disinterest in your content, causing future posts to rank lower in their feeds until they're no longer visible.

Sharing Blog Posts to Instagram

Have you ever wondered where those feeds you followed disappeared to? As soon as you stop engaging they just vanish so don't let that happen to you!

So how do you share your blog post on Instagram?

You have two options:

Option one is to summarise the blog post. But remember, this is Instagram. Your goal is to spark engagement on your post so that you remain highly visible to your followers. You must encourage and invite engagement. The easiest way to do this is to ask a question. At the end of the caption you could direct them to read the full blog post if interested (just make sure you have your blog link in your Instagram Bio).     
Option two is to create multiple Instagram posts from this one blog post. This is my favourite strategy for Instagram efficiency. You spend the time creating one blog post and easily end up with content for several Instagram posts. And if you’re familiar with my Instagram methods then you’ll know that I recommend that you post just 2 to 3 times a week (you should be spending more time engaging than posting) which means that this one blog post will stretch!

When you're sharing your blog post (or part of it) on Instagram remember to adapt it to the Instagram platform. Avoid using paragraph breaks like you would in a blog. If you do then this will make your Instagram caption appear longer and it will look out of place (paragraph breaks are fine on blogs and LinkedIn but not on Instagram). Instead use emojis to break up text 🙌 Emojis have been proven to not only attract attention ❤️ but to keep it too, so sprinkle these in your Instagram captions 💬

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