How to use hashtags on Instagram

Which hashtags will attract my customers?

This is the million dollar question and I have the answer…!

Hashtags are FREE to use 

Each hashtag is like a free advert for your business so why wouldn’t you use them and why wouldn’t you use all 30?!

If I offered you 30 free adverts or 5 which would you choose?!

How do hashtags work?

When you use hashtags it’s a bit like labelling or indexing your content. Imagine you are in a popular (paper) business directory but you’re not in the index? How will people find you and your business? It’ll just be by pure chance, if they happen to be flicking through the directory and stop on your page. So don’t leave it to chance! Make sure you are in that index!

The way it works on Instagram is that when your ideal customer searches the words, terms or phrases that you have used in your hashtags then your content will appear. How high up your content appears depends on a few factors like: timing; how popular the hashtag is that you’ve used; and how much engagement you have on that post.

Which hashtags should you use?

I cannot say this enough… use the words, terms and phrases that your ideal customers are using – which are not necessarily the words, terms and phrases that you are using. If you use industry specific words and/or technical terms then you’ll only attract your competitors!

Does your customer really know that it’s #resinjewellery or will they instead be looking up #colourfuljewellery?

Does your client really know that it’s called #lawofattraction or are they looking up #positivethoughts because they’ve decided to #makeachange?

I may call myself an #instagramcoach but my customer may be looking for an #instagramtrainer

Think like your customer!

What problems do they have?

What solutions are they looking for?

How would they describe your products or services?

Turn these words into hashtags to use in your posts.

Think about international spellings if you have an international audience and don’t be afraid to use common misspellings that your ideal customer may be typing into the Instagram search bar.

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