Promote Your Print On Demand Business On Instagram

Increase traffic to your print on demand store with Instagram

Are you struggling to get traffic to your Print on Demand store?

Maybe you feel disappointed that the promise of a ready-made audience on the online marketplace that you have joined isn't quite panning out


Maybe you are feeling at a loss with your solo website

Whether you have a standalone website like Shopify or you’ve joined an online marketplace like Etsy, you may now be left wondering "Where are my ideal customers?" and “Why aren’t I making more (or any) sales?” If this resonates with you, it's time to pivot your strategy and turn to a powerful ally: Instagram.

Why Instagram is Ideal for Your POD Business:

Targeted Audience: With over 2 billion monthly active users (yes, that’s right these are active users, not just people who have signed up and never log on!) Instagram allows you to reach a diverse and wide audience who are looking for inspiration, ideas and to shop!

Visual Appeal: Instagram's visually-driven platform is perfect for showcasing your POD products.

Brand Storytelling: Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app; it's a storytelling platform. Share your brand's journey and the inspiration behind your designs. This builds a connection with your audience that goes beyond a simple transaction.

Engagement: Instagram's interactive features allow for direct engagement with your ideal customers. You can encourage engagement on your posts with questions and conversation starters and in your stories through interactive stickers likes polls, Q&As and the slider bar. But you can also actively seek out your ideal customers – and this is where it gets exciting! Don’t just sit back and wait for them to find you. Yes, they will be able to find you through your hashtags and the keywords you use in your bio and captions but you can 10 X this by also actively seeking them. Think about which Instagram feeds they follow (work and personal-related) and which hashtags they are using in their posts (using not searching). And go and find them there! Engage on their posts and draw attention back to you, your feed and your business.

SEO: Instagram’s own search engine is becoming more sophisticated by the day. Instagram has prioritsed searchability and relevance which is great news for business accounts. Get found through your bio, use of keywords and hashtags and get in front of your ideal customers!

Instagram mistakes to avoid:

You might be thinking yeah yeah, I’ve tried Instagram and it doesn’t work for me but is that because you are making these common mistakes:

Only posting about your products: If you do this then your feed becomes a never-ending sales pitch and who wants to scroll through one boring advert after another? Break up your product posts with interesting content about you and the behind the scenes of your business. This approach will keep your audience intrigued and coming back for more, rather than just scrolling past another product post.

Not using hashtags: Contrary to some rumors, hashtags haven't lost their importance. If Instagram had deemed them unnecessary, they would no longer be a feature. You can still use a maximum of 30 and you should! Each hashtag is like a FREE advert for your business so use as close to 30 as you can and make sure these are words/terms/phrases/questions that your ideal customer will be searching (think of it a bit like a Google search bar).

Posting more than you are engaging: “Engaging is the key to growing on IG” (not posting). Yes, your content matters, but engaging with other accounts can have an even bigger impact. Spend more time in others feeds (than your own) engaging on their posts and drawing attention back to you and your business.

Overposting: If you post daily or multiple times a day then you are just pushing your other posts further and further down your feed, never to be seen because most people do not scroll that far. Overposting is also a sure fire way to burn out on Instagram - you’ll get tired being on the content hamster wheel and fed up with the lack of results.

Learn how to master Instagram for your POD business:

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How to promote your POD business on Instagram