Start doing what you're not doing

...and stop doing for the sake of doing.

How to grow your small business

Is your small business growing?

No? OR Not at the rate you want it to be growing?

Then read on…

Have you ever really thought about WHY you are doing the things that you are doing to promote your business? Have you ever stopped to check if your actions are working? Or do you keep on plodding on doing the same thing? Why are you sticking to the same things? If they are working, then great, but if your business isn’t growing then it’s time to start doing something else. You need to start doing what you’re not doing.

Are you doing Facebook Ads because they are working or because you read somewhere that that’s the thing to do? Are your tweets directing traffic to your website? Are your Pins being saved? Is your business really visible?

Continue to do what’s working but be brave and cull what’s not working. Don’t waste your time on activities that aren’t helping your business to grow. Trying something new could not only lead to better results but it will freshen up your business and give you a renewed love for your business. It’s exciting doing something new.

Make a list: List all the activities that you are currently doing to promote your business (this is your master list).

Grow your small business

Now be ruthless. Highlight the ones that are working; put a cross next to the ones that aren’t; and a question mark next to the ones you feel need more time.

Next list all the other marketing activities that you can think of that you’re not doing. Pick out new activities to replace the ones you’ve crossed off your list. If you’re feeling a bit stale in your business then go for something different to really fire you up! Give each activity a proper chance. Don’t just give up after a half-hearted attempt – really put effort into it.

Add the ones that are working to your master list and repeat the process until you have a dynamic list that's really helping your business to grow.

Doing this exercise will really help you rethink your business and will help you to see clearly how to propel your business to the next level.

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