The Power of Inspired Posting

Why Authenticity Matters in Social Media Content Creation

Post when you feel uninspired and your post will be uninspiring

"Post when you feel uninspired and your post will be uninspiring."

How true is this?! Every time I share this little nugget of wisdom with my coaching clients, I can almost feel the weight lifting off their shoulders. And it's not hard to see why... We've all been there. You're sitting in front of your computer or phone, staring blankly at the screen, fingers hovering over the keyboard, but... nothing. Your brain is like an empty desert with not a single creative idea in sight. And yet, there's that nagging voice in the back of your mind saying, "You need to post something. It's been days!" Oh, the pressure of the algorithm and the constant need to stay relevant.

But here's the thing: when you're feeling uninspired, your content will reflect that. People can sense when you're just going through the motions. They can tell when your heart isn't in it. And when your post lacks that spark of genuine passion and authenticity, it's less likely to resonate with your audience. AND...

...creating a post when you feel uninspired will take hours, whereas putting together a post when you feel inspired will take minutes! 

On the flip side, think about those times when you're brimming with excitement and inspiration. The words just flow, the ideas come effortlessly, and crafting that Instagram caption feels almost... fun! You know why? Because you're in the zone. You're feeling it. And that energy? It's contagious. Your followers can feel it too. A post put together when you're riding that wave of inspiration might take just minutes, but its impact can last so much longer.

If you've set aside time to post but find that the creative juices aren't flowing, it's okay to step back. Give yourself permission to take a break. Maybe go for a walk, listen to some music, or even just take a nap. Sometimes, inspiration strikes when you least expect it.

And when you are feeling inspired, don't just create one post. This is the time to create a number of draft posts that you can draw on in those times of drought.

Social media should be a tool to connect, share, and inspire - not a chore that looms over you, casting a shadow on your day. The pressure to constantly post, to always be "on," can be exhausting. And it's not sustainable. Burnout is real. So, the next time you're feeling the pinch to post just for the sake of posting, take a deep breath and ask yourself: "Am I feeling inspired right now?" If the answer is no, it's okay to hit pause.

At the end of the day, your well-being and mental health come first. Don't let the 'gram or any other platform dictate your worth or your pace. Keep it authentic, keep it real, and above all, be kind to yourself. Take control and set your own pace.

So, the next time you're feeling the pressure to post but your heart's just not in it, give yourself a break. Trust that your audience will be there when you're ready to share your authentic self.

And for an extra helping hand. I have created a fabulous set of content prompts for you which might just trigger that inspiration or double your productivity when you are in the zone. Take a look here at the Instagram Content Creator