Video hosting made easy

...and cheap!

How to share your video training with your audience

I’m sharing this blog post with you because I hope it helps the person I was 2 years ago! I needed to share video training with my customers and I didn’t know how to. The tech was driving me nuts and nothing seemed to be simple. I felt like I was going crazy and I nearly gave up 🤯

But I’m so glad I didn’t because now, I find the whole process so easy, plus I have a thriving Instagram Club  (which is what I needed the video lessons for in the first place).

As well as the tech, another big issue for me was cost. You know what it’s like… you have a plan but then it seems to start spiralling out of control with all the costs adding up.

the cost of video hosting

And yet another concern was that every time I asked for advice, some people would suggest using YouTube. It’s free, yay! But no hold on… this would mean adverts being added to your videos and your videos being easily shared to non-paying customers 😲 eek! Plus, once I looked into it in more detail I discovered that as per YouTube’s agreement, you cannot monetize your uploaded videos on YouTube. I really didn’t want to take this risk so I was back to square one!

So THIS is what I’d like to now share with you… I've done all the research for you from the perspective of a non-tech person. And THIS is how I go about sharing my video training the easy way. Once you get into a routine with it, you’ll wonder why you ever considered giving up! Make bullet point notes that you can easily refer back to but to be honest, eventually it’ll become second nature.

The combination of things I use are:

  • Zoom (for recording me plus my slides)
  • (where I host my videos)
  • MemberVault (where I house my Club and individual training courses)

On Zoom, I simply schedule a meeting, which I go to on my own! I share my screen of slides, drag my face and video to the top right corner of the screen and hit record. I then present my training and once the ‘meeting’ is over, I download and save the video. (Instead of Zoom, you could use Canva. I use Canva for other things but do have to say that I prefer Zoom for my recordings).

Next, I upload it to This takes a while so be patient or leave it uploading while you work on something else. Once uploaded, I select the video and in the bottom-bar you’ll see the option to change the video’s visibility. Change this to ‘unlisted’. Next to this you have the share options of which there are a number. I opt for ‘video only’ and then copy the embed code which is what I need for MemberVault, but you also have the option of either copying the weblink, or sharing the video via email, or via whatsapp or on social media. really is my BIG find!! It’s brilliant for someone like me (who’s scared of tech). It’s easy to use, plus at the time of writing this (and when I joined too) was one of the most reasonably priced deals I could find and really helped me to keep my costs down.

Click on the logo on their page for the full details 

Don’t let tech stop you! If you’re about to throw your laptop out the window in frustration then STOP and remember, if I can do it then so can you, I promise,

Triinu x