How many hashtags do you use (21 to 30?)

How many hashtags do you use?

Your answer: 21 to 30

EXCELLENT!! Hashtags are free to use and you’re allowed to use a maximum of 30 so continue to use as close to 30 as you can.

I would suggest that you keep a list of the hashtags that you use in a ‘Hashtag Bank’ and continually add to your list so that you keep it fresh, up to date and so that you avoid being shadow-banned (if you simply copy and paste the same sets of hashtags from one post to the next then you risk getting a shadowban placed on your feed for bot-like behaviour).

If you need to expand on the hashtags that you are using then you'll benefit from my step by step how to create your hashtag bank (with 100’s of relevant hashtags) take a read HERE

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