Instagram Speaker

Do you need a guest speaker for your Facebook group / membership / podcast / or event?

I’m passionate about teaching business owners how to get noticed on Instagram!

With over 2 billion active monthly users, it’s the best place to be when it comes to promoting your business. 

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to Instagram! Here are some of the different topics that I can cover in one session:

  • How to promote your business on Instagram
  • The 3 reasons why you are not making sales on Instagram
  • Mini-training: The Instagram checklist
  • Mini-training: Get more engagement, growth and sales from your Instagram posts

I love the “Aha moments” that my Instagram trainings give people and I’m looking forward to sharing this with your group.

If you need a speaker please email me, Triinu:

FYI: For in person events I am based in Central Scotland

For more information about me click through HERE

And you will find more information about the Instagram Training that I offer HERE 

Instagram speaker testimonial

Julie Taylor, Buzz Business networking


Speaker testimonial

Nicolle Tyas, Business Coach

Mandy Nicholson, Creative Business Coach


"Thank you Triinu for your fabulous session for my group! Full of actionable advice and best practice, so it didn't feel overwhelming. Fantastic!"

Nicola Lutz, The Simple Sales Growth Society


"Triinu spoke at The Online Visibility Festival® and gave some amazing tips and insights on Instagram. Her talk was engaging, she answered questions openly and her knowledge is fantastic. It goes way beyond the basics that many people share and I would highly recommend her as a speaker on the subject, not just for her knowledge but also because she genuinely cares about her clients getting the best results. Which shows in the way she delivers. Thank you!"

Nicole Louise Winer, Business Strategist, Mentor & Coach


Natasha Albright, Women in Business Hampshire South

"Triinu was a guest expert speaker in my Facebook group. She delivered an hour of priceless information and great inspiration. It was helpful for both beginners and experienced users, I loved the step by step method and Triinu is so calm and easy to understand. I highly recommend both her talks and services."

Jane Helliwell, The Candle Coach

"I invited Triinu to talk in my VIP members club during our Instagram month. The presentation that Triinu made was insightful and pitched at exactly the right level and she expertly answered their questions. It was a pleasure to work with Triinu and I highly recommend her as a speaker." 

Suzanne Mountain, The Non-Millennial Business Coach

"Triinu is brilliant, she really knows her Instagram and better than that the advice she gives doesn’t involve having to be chained to your Instagram 24/7 in order to make it work. I love her organic approach and I no longer hate Instagram because of her!"

Annie Crow, Confidence Coach

You can hear me being interviewed on the She Makes Biz Talk podcast by Michelle Mills where we discuss all things insta and I share invaluable hints and tips: 

"I interviewed Triinu in my VIP group on Facebook. She shared with us a few of her Instagram tips which were invaluable. Triinu's knowledge of Instagram is huge. I asked her many questions and she answered them all giving us a brilliant insight into this wonderful platform for business! I highly recommend speaking to Triinu for her training. She comes from a teaching background so she has lots of patience and understanding in helping people with Instagram and gives them confidence in using this platform for business!"
Bettina Siddiqi, LinkedIn trainer