Instagram Speaker

Do you need a guest speaker for your Facebook group / podcast / or event?

I’m passionate about teaching business owners how to get noticed on Instagram!

With over 1 billion active monthly users, it’s the best place to be when it comes to promoting your business. 

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to Instagram! Here are some of the different topics that I can cover in one session:

  • How to promote your business on Instagram
  • Make a great first impression on Instagram
  • Get that Instagram algorithm on your side
  • Create a positive, enjoyable environment for you and your business on Instagram (Learn how to cut out any negativity and overwhelm)

I love the “Aha moments” that my Instagram trainings give people and I’m looking forward to sharing this with your group.

Feedback following my talk at MIBA Fife (Mums In Business Association):

"Triinu is brilliant, she really knows her Instagram and better than that the advice she gives doesn’t involve having to be chained to your Instagram 24/7 in order to make it work. I love her organic approach and I no longer hate Instagram because of her!"

Annie Crow, Confidence Coach

If you need a speaker please email me, Triinu:

FYI: For in person events I am based in Central Scotland

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