How to Create Engaging Instagram Posts Checklist

How to Create Engaging Instagram Posts Checklist

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This useful checklist has advice on how to create Instagram posts that will encourage engagement and kick that algorithm in your favour! 

“The more people engage on your post… the more people Instagram will show your post to”

Follow the guidelines in the checklist and check off the action points each time you post to ensure that you are creating engaging captions that your audience will love to interact with.

This is a PDF. Once purchased, you will receive instant download access to the Checklist.


Is this suitable for product-based or service-based businesses?


Is this for beginners or more advanced?

Both! This is suitable for you at any stage of your Instagram journey. You may be new to Instagram and unsure of how to create engaging posts or you may be an Instagram pro but need more engagement on your posts.

What format is the Checklist in?

This is a downloadable PDF.

I'm not based in the UK, can I still purchase the Checklist?

Yes sure! Please use a currency converter to get an idea of the price in your own currency.

Any other questions? Please just ask me, Triinu: or DM me over on Instagram.