Engagement & interaction is THE most important strategy on Instagram.

Yes, you could post all day every day but if you’re not drawing people back to your own feed then who’s going to see these posts?

What people don’t realise is that engagement & interaction is THE most important strategy on Instagram, it's a social media platform after all.

You should be spending more time in other peoples feeds than in your own.

To start growing your own feed DO these 2 things:

ONE: As soon as you have posted, spend at least 15 minutes engaging on other peoples’ posts. This will draw attention back to your own feed and to your most recent post. If you help others out by commenting on their posts then they are likely to return the favour. And the more interaction you get on your post - particularly in those first 15 minutes - the more people Instagram will show it to.

TWO: Spend more time in other peoples feeds than your own. Allocate 15 minute slots throughout your day/week to dedicate to engaging on other peoples posts.

Do this and you will notice a difference on your own feed and you’ll start to make real connections and will enjoy Instagram more. It’s an inspiring place to be!

Connect, be kind, uplift - and be inspired and supported in return.

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