How to turn Instagram followers into customers

Don’t underestimate the power of engagement on Instagram.

If a potential customer or client walked into your shop / your clinic / or your office you wouldn’t just ignore them. And your first words wouldn't be "buy this". You would have a conversation - and that's what I mean by 'engaging' on Instagram. Mingle with your potential new followers, customers & clients. Chat with them, get to know them and let them get to know you.

The importance of engagement on Instagram

To make sales on Instagram you need to build the know, like and trust factor... build the know, like and trust factor you need engagement and interaction on your posts... get engagement and interaction on your posts you need genuine interested followers... get genuine interested followers you need to know where your ideal customers and clients are on Instagram and how to attract them back to your feed...

Find your customers and clients and get talking! Make a list of other interests they have and hashtags they will be using and find your customers there!

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Learn how to attract your ideal customers and clients so that you can build a community and make sales!

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