Taking card payments at craft fairs

Why you should be taking card payments at craft fairs and events…

Taking card payments at craft fairs

For ages I didn’t take card payments, just cash.

Why not?

  1. I thought it would be too technical and stressful to get a card reader.
  2. I was worried that I could take in a large proportion of card payments only to leave the event and find that none of the payments had actually gone through (nightmare!)
  3. Hardly anyone had asked if I took card payments.
  4. ...And anyone who had asked ended up ‘finding’ the cash anyway.

Is this you? If this is you right now then I can confidently tell you that I was wrong!

I now have the SumUp card reader and I promise you it is so easy to use, even for a technophobe like me (like you too?) And most importantly my sales at craft fairs and events have increased.

Make sure your card payment sign (provided by SumUp) is visible and not only will card-paying customers who before would have kept on walking by, will stop at your stand - but your customers are now more likely to spend more. For example, at one of my Christmas events, a customer had chosen 1 charm bracelet which she was about to buy with cash. As soon as she realised she could pay by card she said "well I might as well buy gifts for my other nieces and for my cousins too then" and she did...and she had a lot of nieces and cousins!

With the SumUp card reader that I have, I simply link it to my phone, enter the amount and then the customer can choose whether to enter their pin or tap and pay. There follows the option to send the customer their receipt by email or text. It's really that easy - and if I can do it then so can you!

You pay a one off payment for the card reader plus a small fee per transaction. For up to date information PLUS a £14 discount on your card reader take a look at the SumUp page.

You may think that you are making life simpler by sticking to cash payments but if you do then you are missing out on sales and upselling.

Taking card payments at craft fairs

Click through to SumUp using any of the links in this blog post for a fabulous discount on your card reader!

And, make sure your prices are visible. Don't put off potential customers from buying from you. Read more HERE