Visible pricing

Make sure your prices are visible...

I asked the following question on my Facebook page:

As a customer, at events/markets/fairs etc, do you like to be able to see the prices at a stand? Or are you happy to ask for prices? Comment A or B:

A: YES, show me the prices or

B: NO, I’m happy to ask

The reason I asked this question was because I was at an event where an artist packed up early because she made no sales at all and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was because her prices weren’t visible. I thought her artwork was lovely and it was a busy event, but even being a fellow stallholder, I was too nervous to ask her how much they were. And the fact that there were no prices made me think that her artwork was probably really expensive! As a customer I like to be able to see the prices and so as a stallholder I always make sure my pricing is very clear.

Out of the responses I got, 96% responded A, show me the prices. Two people pointed out that if the prices aren’t on show then they will assume they can’t afford it and 1 person said they would worry that the stallholder might make up a price! 

What do you think? Comment below with your opinions!

If you are a customer do you like to see the prices?

If you run a business then do you make your prices visible?

Would there be any reason not to show the prices? I can’t think of any reason at all personally!

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